2014 Messer Edgemax Plasma System


2014 Messer Edgemax Plasma System

C$100,000 (CAD)


2014 Messer Edgemax Plasma System

Hypertherm HPR260XD Hi Definition Plasma

True Hole Technology

Automatic Gas Console (Cut with Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, F5 & Argon)

6' x 12' Water Table (Adjustable water level)

Digital Camera with Plate Skew Adjustment

Table Cleaned with Brand New Slats (October 2020)

Comes with lots of consumables (new and used)

Comes with Lenovo Laptop that includes Omniwin Enhanced Software Program (Automatic Nesting and Messer True Hole CNC File Generator) :


- Messer developed process database (Produces code for Automatic Gas Selection). 

- Part, plate, plan, and customer database. 

- Messer Hole Technology (True Hole Technology). 

- Tool path simulation. 

- Customized reports. 

- Process optimization with collision avoidance. 

- Dimensioning. 

- NC import for re-posting or troubleshooting. 

- Part scaling, mirroring, rotating, and bumping. 

- Construct custom nest sizes for usage of scrap. 

- Heat dissipation techniques. 

- Advanced production time calculations. 

- Cost estimation. 

Maximum Cutting Dimensions - 80" x 150" 

Overall Table Footprint - 18ft x 11ft with 32" Table Height

Table Voltage - 230V / 3Ph

Plasma Voltage - 575V / 3Ph

Machine for sale by dealer, machine is in excellent working condition. Videos and part samples can be made upon request. We have an overhead crane to load, secure and tarp machine. Freight, Set-up, Installation and on-site training available at extra cost.


ManufacturerMesser Cutting Systems
Serial NumberEdgemax6-14-6006