BobCad-CAM [backup]

BobCAD CAM (Covers: Mill, Laser, Plasma, Router and Waterjet)

  • DXF, DWG, IGES & More

  • Shape, Library, Stretch, Splines, Snap Grid

  • Hole Patterns Gears CAMS Sprockets

  • Profiling, Kurf Comp, Lead in/out, Backplotting

  • Post processor

BobART - This software is best for image conversions and embossing

  • EPS, AI, PDF

  • JPEG, BMP, Tiff, GIF, PNG, PSD and moreā€¦

  • Vectorize (convert images)

  • Embossing, texture, smoothing

  • V carving

What you'll get?

1 YEAR OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT (starts from the day of purchase)

  • Phone & e-mail expert technical support

  • Remote Access (connecting computers)


  • One on one web training

  • Your parts

  • Your questions

  • Your office

  • Video recording of the training session