Consignment FAQ's

Q: How does consignment with Metal Nation Work?

A: Metal Nation will use its available resources to advertise your product at a set price. Metal Nation will collect a fee from the selling price once the sale goes final. Metal Nation will not be possession of the item, and it is the responsibility of buyer and seller to negotiate shipping/transportation arrangements once a sale is finalized.

Q: How is a price set?

A: We encourage you to price the item at fair market value based on its condition, make, model etc. If you are unable to establish a price, we would be happy to help in that process.

Q: What machinery will Metal Nation list for consignment?

A: Any product that Metal Nation determines will be of value to a proposed buyer.

Q: How long will an item stay listed?

A: 90 days.

Q: What if I change my mind about consignment?

A: You may cancel your consignment at any time up to the point of a sale going final.

Q: What is the cost for consignment?

A: Metal Nation will take a percentage of the sale price depending on the value of the machinery.

Q: When do I need to pay Metal Nation?

A: When a sale is finalized, you have a 30 day term to pay Metal Nation the agreed upon amount reflected in the contract. Payment type negotiable.

Do you have machinery you would like to consign with Metal Nation?